At first, you may think magnets have very little to do with fashion. However, some clothes may use button magnets or magnetic clasps for interchangeability or to help those with limited hand mobility easily fasten and unfasten garments. Believe it or not, there are several companies that specifically design clothing with magnetic buttons to help those with Parkinson’s, arthritis and other similar ailments. Magnetic clasps are useful because they are virtually effortless to open and close but can still maintain a secure, magnetic hold.

You can use them in pockets, collar stays, and regular shirt or coat buttons, but just remember to make sure that the type of magnet that you use will not be harmful to technology like phones or pacemakers.

If you want to sew some magnetic clasps into your own clothing here are a few tips and how-tos:


  • Disc magnets
  • Felt or square fabric cover
  • Sewing kit
  • Scissors
  • Clothing item

Tips for Sewing Magnets

  1. If you are sewing magnets into clothes, then you’ll need a magnet cover. A cover helps to prevent the magnet from breaking or shattering and it makes sewing possible. There are some specially design sewing magnets that come with this or you can create your own by taking a square fabric cover and sewing a magnet inside. For extra security, you can use fusible interfacing too.
  2. Now that you have created covers for your magnets, it is time to sew them into your clothing. If you are using them in a pocket, then create a slit on the underside of the pocket flap so that there is a space to drop in the magnetic closure and sew it in place. Then on the other side of the pocket, where it will fasten, sew in another magnet. But, remember to be sure that the two magnet sides facing each other have opposites poles, because opposites attract. You can be sure to do this by indicating what side is north and south by marking a south (S) or a north (N) to the magnet covers.
  3. Buttons can be a bit trickier, because there are usually more of them. However, you can follow the same idea with buttons. You may want to use smaller magnets or a thicker fabric, depending on where the buttons are placed on the piece of clothing.

These are just a few, general tips to use when sewing magnets into clothing. But, we know that some magnet projects can be very specific. So, if you are working on a project with magnets and have questions about which ones to use and how, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance!