Spring is right around the corner and as the age-old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers." Flowers can add an extra decorative touch to your home this time of year, but keeping your vases clean is important for many reasons. Vase cleaning can help eliminate the odors that come along with the standing water as well as extend the life of the flowers.

Vases often come in unique shapes that look aesthetically pleasing, but can be very difficult to keep clean. Luckily, magnets are here to help!

The easiest and most efficient way to keep your oddly-shaped vases clean is to create a magnetic sponge with the help of a few materials.

What You'll Need

—Two 15mm x 3mm neodymium disc magnets
—A kitchen sponge
—A box cutter, or other sharp knife
—Needle and Thread (optional)

Once you have your materials in hand, the process of creating your new cleaning device is very simple. Follow these steps to create your new magnetic vase cleaning hack.

1. Cut the sponge down to a size that will comfortably fit through the skinniest part of the vase.

2. Make an incision in the side of the sponge, inserting the knife about halfway through it. (You may also choose to cut the sponge entirely in half. If you choose this method, make a small divett in the middle of one half of the sponge so that it will comfortably fit one of the two small magnets.)

3.Slide the magnet into the newly created pocket and make sure it is secure within the sponge.

4. For extra security, use the needle and thread to either stitch the incision closed, or to completely sew the sponge back together.

Now your sponge is ready to tackle the dirty work. Keep your second magnet close, as your new magnetic sponge won’t be able to get the job done without it. To start the cleaning process, follow these simple steps!

How to Use Your Magnetic Vase Cleaning Sponge

1. Fill the vase about halfway with warm, soapy water.

2. Insert the sponge into the vase, stopping when your hand can no longer fit.

3. Hold the magnetic sponge against the side of the glass from inside the vase.

4. Take the second magnet and press it against the vase from the outside, directly across from the sponge. The magnets should find and attract each other.

5. Once you have determined the magnets are “connected,” you can release your hold on the sponge from inside the vase.

6. Move the magnet on the outside over the surface of the vase. The magnetic sponge on the inside should move with it.

7. Guide the sponge around the inside of the vase, dunking it into the soapy water as you go along, and scrubbing the areas that are in need of cleaning.

8. When you are finished, guide the sponge back up the neck of the vase until you can reach in and pull it out with your hand.

Whether you’re taking advantage of the colorful flowers during the spring and summer seasons or using them as stylish storage, this easy and inexpensive hack will keep your vases of all shapes and sizes clean and ready to use. As you may have noticed already, this also helpful for cleaning glassware or water bottles!

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