Whether it’s your first cruise experience or you’re a seasoned veteran, everyone can benefit from learning a few tips to upgrade your cabin (stateroom) without breaking the bank. Most staterooms pack quite a lot into a limited amount of space, leading to disorganization, confusion, clutter, and frustration. Fortunately, these nifty magnetic hacks can save you from all of the above. 

Three Hacks to Update Your Cabin… Magnetically! 

Cruise cabin walls are magnetic. Yep, that’s right! So, how can you use that to your advantage? Strategize to pack a variety of magnets that can help you keep track of your belongings, hang pictures, tickets, and travel papers, make your room stand apart, and create a message board for you and your travel companions.

  1. Hook magnets for hanging

A strong neodymium hook magnet can hold wet towels, swimsuits, hats, jackets, face masks, you name it! If you’re bunking down with a few people, you could even attach hook magnets to the walls or ceilings and hang a curtain to create room dividers when you need a little privacy or the kids are napping. For something like a heavy trekking backpack or a bag full of beach reads, use 30-pound carabiner hooks!

2. Clip magnets for organization and decoration

Not sure how to keep track of your reservations? Excursion tickets? Daily itineraries? Magnetic clips like the duck-bill clip can help you stay organized. Plus, you can use them to hang decorations and pictures or anything else to spruce up the room or make it cozier. If you’re going on the cruise for a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary, magnets let you hang all those streamers and balloons. 

3. Disc magnets for distinction 

Cabin doors look similar, so if you’re with a group, creating a way to quickly identify your home base can be helpful for kids and over-served adults. You could also turn your door into a message board to leave notes like, “Meet me on the lido deck at 8:30!” Use four ceramic/ferrite disc magnets to hang up a thin whiteboard you already own, or purchase this already magnetic option

DIYs and Magnet Hacks With Apex Magnets 

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