Spring has finally arrived! This season is the perfect time to get outside and greet the great outdoors once again. But, if this early spring chill is keeping you cooped up, it might be time to bring nature indoors with you. If Snow White’s animal friends aren’t really your style, perhaps nature-themed magnets will do the trick.

These magnets can be great for organizing your desk, playing games, or simply adding a bohemian vibe to your living space. They’re also extremely easy to make and a really fun way to welcome the new season. Here are a few different nature-inspired magnet projects to try:


1. Cool Rocks and Geodes

Whether or not you’re a geology nerd or a rock collector, rocks, stones, and geodes make pretty cool decorations. And, with the addition of a few small magnets, you can turn these minerals into handy objects for your home. Simply take a small disc magnet, attach it to the back of the rock or geode of your choice with some industrial strength glue, and you are ready to go! If you’re interested in adding some more plant life to your favorite rock, you can also make a magnetic terrarium to match your new earthy style.

2. Sea Shells

Though it may not be summer quite yet, you can bring some beach sunshine into your home by making sea shell magnets! Really take the summer nostalgia to the next level by using seashells that you’ve collected in past years. If you haven’t kept any of your beach collections, be sure to collect a few on vacation this year!

3. Acorns and Pinecones

When you think of acorns and pinecones, beauty may not be the first word that comes to mind -- but you would be surprised how lovely these natural objects appear when used as decorations. Acorns can be used as they are, or you can paint them before attaching a magnet to the back. One cool way to decorate for spring and summer is to paint them like strawberries, like Crafts By Amanda did!

When cut properly, pinecones also form rose-like shapes, which make the perfect decoration any time of the year, especially as magnets.

4. Scrabble Tiles

There are many games you can create using magnets, but one of our favorites is magnetic scrabble! One neat way to play is to use nature words during your game. You could also make decorative refrigerator magnets using scrabble tiles to spell out words like ‘flowers,’ ‘trees,’ ‘spring,’ and just about any other words you’d like!

5. Puzzle Pieces

Magnetic puzzles are a great way to reduce boredom on long road trips in the car. We also love the idea of using that same project for a coffee table game. To go along with the theme, pick scenic photos to turn into puzzles, like waterfalls, mountains, and flowers!
How else can you bring nature into your home this spring?