Pretty much everything would make a cool magnet, but it might be impractical to magnetize everything you own. So, instead of trying to magnetize your furniture or your shoes, here are a few items you could find around your home and turn into cool fridge magnets:

1. Foreign Coins

After traveling abroad, you probably have some spare change from a different currency left in your wallet. Instead of exchanging your foreign coins, preserve memories from your travels by gluing a small disc magnet on the back of each coin. Put the coins on your fridge and they will make great conversation starters when you entertain guests in your kitchen.

2. Old Comic Books

If you loved comic books as a kid, you’ll love this DIY for upcycling old comic books and turning them into magnets. You can use clear stones like the kind used in planters or clear acrylic shapes, scissors, and small disc magnets for crafts to create this unique theme magnets.

3. Old Jewelry

There’s nothing more frustrating than when a beaded necklace breaks or you can’t find two matching earrings. Instead of tossing your old or broken jewelry away, turn them into magnets! You can glue a small disc magnet to the back of a pendant or onto a glass bead. These jewel magnets make great gifts and are a good way to upcycle old pieces.

4. Candy Boxes

If you’re a candy lover (who isn’t?) and you frequently find your car littered with empty candy boxes, you can turn your favorite snack into something useful with this tutorial for DIY candy box magnets. All you need are empty candy containers, rare earth magnets, and glue. Then you can preserve your favorite candy as magnets for your fridge.

5. Monopoly Game Pieces

A game of monopoly can last hours and end friendships so turn your monopoly game pieces into magnets! You can give the game pieces an upgrade by painting them gold. Then use superglue to attach a small disc magnet to the back of the race car, the top hat, and the dog to create some unique magnets for your fridge or work space.

What other miscellaneous items would make cool magnets?