Are you cleaning out your wardrobe for the summer? Don’t throw out those boring, old shoes just yet! You can spice up your plain shoes with DIY magnetic jewelry. Instead of paying for a new pair of shoes to match your summer outfits, try making these cute magnet accessories for your shoes.


  • 4 small disc magnets
  • 2 pieces of matching jewelry such as earrings or cufflinks
  • industrial strength glue


  1. First, choose the shoes you want to accessorize.
  2. Next, find accessories to match your shoes. This could be anything from sequins to old earrings to buttons. As long as you find two things that match and complement your shoes, you can turn them into shoe jewelry.
  3. Now, take one disc magnet and spread the industrial strength glue evenly over one side.
  4. Before the glue dries, attach one of your jewels to the magnet on the side with the glue. Do the same thing with another disc magnet and the matching piece of jewelry. When the glue dries, you should have two magnetic pieces of jewelry.
  5. To fasten them to your shoes, take the other two disc magnets with nothing attached to them and hold them under the tongue of your shoe.
  6. Take your newly magnetic jewelry and hold it on the outside of your shoe, over the tongue. When you hold it close enough, the bejeweled magnet should attach to the other one through the shoe.

This easy craft allows you to turn one pair of shoes into twenty with removable jewelry made from small magnets. So, if you decide that you do need more than one pair of shoe accessories, remember that the supplies listed above are enough for one set. You need four disc magnets per pair. Leave a comment and let us know how your shoe jewelry turned out. Or contact us if you have any questions.

Image by Hgrobe.