As magnet enthusiasts, we read a lot about all things magnetic—from influential people making magnetic discoveries and magnets in technology to how magnetism functions in space! We recently came across a great way to combine our interests: a do-it-yourself backyard magnetic geodesic planetarium.

For those interested in learning about and observing space from the comfort of their own backyard, this fun and interactive project allows you to embark on your own space odyssey, without stepping foot off your property. While this project takes a little skill and a lot of time and patience, you’re only a Zip Tie Domes kit, projector, sewing machine, and sound system away from creating your own celestial oasis for you and your neighbors to enjoy. Though, we’d understand if you wanted to keep this all to yourself.

This project is thanks to Instructables user cecasill. Not only did he create the backyard planetarium, but he also found a way to incorporate magnets (our favorite!) to make the set-up and tear-down quick and painless. He used neodymium magnets with a draw force of about three pounds. With the magnets fastened to dowels using epoxy and Plasti Dipped for additional strength, the cloth screen can easily be removed if it were to rain.

If you enjoy stargazing, magnets, and a good DIY project, shop our magnets and try your hand at the magnetic geodesic planetarium. We’d love to know how it goes!