Digital sensors are in a multitude of devices you use each day. This includes door sensors for appliances, car sensors, position-tracking devices, and antitheft software. These devices also use magnets to help accomplish their goal. Keep reading to learn how this technology works and how you can protect your devices from damage.

How Magnets Help Sensors Thrive

You may be curious as to how digital magnetic sensors work. These devices analyze and convert data from a magnetic field into an electrical signal. They achieve this by detecting distance, movement, speed, and more. But how do they accomplish this? It is actually possible due to a permanent magnet or an electro coil inside the device. The item helps the device read the changes to the field and work properly. 

Being Safe Around Sensors 

Since magnetic digital sensors rely on magnetic fields in order to work, it is no surprise that placing another magnet near the device can cause serious issues. We recommend keeping other magnets clear of your sensor since the second magnetic field could interfere with its operations. In some cases, it may even render your item useless or cause damage. 


Be sure to note this warning when placing digital sensors throughout your home. Any in-home cameras, motion detectors, or similar items should be kept far away from other magnets to avoid potential issues or damage. 

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