With only a few weeks left in the school year, many families are already planning unique and creative ways to keep their children interested in learning all summer long. Rather than purchase expensive science experiment kits or search out museum after museum to pique their interest, test out this inexpensive and fun science experiment that will have your kids coming back for more! So next time you see a rainy day in the forecast, never fear, Apex Magnets is here! 

*Adult supervision is required for this experiment. 

Order your supplies in advance.

Here is what you will need: 


  1. Begin by placing your cylinder magnet inside your test tube.
  2. Fill your bottle with the lamp or mineral oil.
  3. Place the test tube inside your plastic bottle. 
  4. Measure one or two tablespoons of your iron filings into your plastic bottle and close the lid tightly (you can even use a small dab of glue to provide additional security).
  5. Shake your bottle and observe what happens between your cylinder magnet and the iron fillings.
  6. You will notice the iron fillings are highly attracted to the cylinder magnet, creating a variety of fascinating shapes.
  7. Continue shaking and swirling your bottle, and take notes on what you see. 

Learning is Always in Session at Apex

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