Happy fall! As the season finally begins to turn and the leaves change colors, it’s time to bring out the spooky decorations. But this year, you may be wondering, “How can I incorporate my love of magnets into my favorite holiday?” Have no fear! On top of hanging decorations with magnets, you can create Halloween magnetic homage to candy and bonfires with decorative marshmallow magnets.

This is a fun, easy DIY that you can do to add some refrigerator flare just in time for Halloween. And, with a simple change in colors, you can also create winter holiday themed magnets! Check out these photos from a wonderful Swedish DIY blog for more inspiration.

Here is everything you will need to get started:

  • White, orange, and black polymer clay
  • Super glue
  • Tiny magnets
  • Conventional oven
  • Knife
  • Scissors


Once you’ve collected all of the necessary materials, follow these simple directions to create your new favorite holiday magnets.

  1. Begin with three equal pieces of clay in white, orange, and black. Roll each of those colors into long, thin sausage shapes.
  1. Gather the strands together. Starting at one end and working your way down, turn them into a spiral.
  1. Then, cut the long cylindrical strip into smaller pieces. The size can vary depending on your preference, but try measuring it out so that each clay piece is the same size.
  1. Bake or heat the clay according to the instructions on the package. Let the clay cool overnight.
  1. The side that was down on the tray in the oven is typically flatter, so glue the magnet to that side. Let each magnet dry thoroughly.

How did your marshmallow magnets turn out? Send us photos on Facebook for us to share, or check out our blog for more magnet crafts!