Magnet earrings don’t require you to pierce your ears. Although, getting your ears pierced is pretty normal today many people don’t like the idea of poking holes in their ears with sharp needles. Some of you can’t keep your ears pierced without getting an infection. Or maybe you have your ears pierced in one place, but don’t want to pay for a new piercing. No matter what your reason, here is an easy DIY craft for magnetic earrings.


  • 4 small disc magnets for crafts
    • Do NOT use strong magnets, because they could pinch your ears. Use lower strength magnets designed for crafts.
  • 2 matching pieces of jewelry
  • Craft glue


  1. First, find two pieces of jewelry that match. If you use a pair of earrings that have posts or are clip-ons, you will need to remove the posts and clips. Be careful when removing the posts so as not to poke yourself. You could also use cufflinks for this craft.
  2. After you prepare your matching pieces of jewelry, use your craft glue to attach two of the circular magnets to the back of the jewelry. Spread the glue evenly over one side of the magnet and hold it to the back of one of the pieces. Do the same thing with another magnet and the other piece of jewelry.
  3. Hold these in place until they dry.

After the glue dries, your new earrings are ready! All you have to do is hold the earrings to the front of your earlobe and hold the unattached magnets to the back of your earlobe. The magnets should attract through your skin and your earrings will stay in place.When buying magnets to use for this craft, make sure not to use magnets that are too powerful. Strong magnets may pinch your ears too much, which you want to avoid.  If you have any questions or suggestions about what type of magnets to use, feel free to contact us.

Image by Eurico Zimbres