Spring is just around the corner, and there’s not a better way to celebrate than to create an outdoor or indoor flower vase! The special thing about this DIY project is that the main ingredient is very common in every household, yet it might seem quite unexpected for this type of craft -- a copper pipe!

The copper pipe acts like a vase, and the strong hold of our magnets will keep it up and looking beautiful all year long (fake flowers in the winter, anyone?) This do-it-yourself project can give any living space or backyard garden a rustic, yet still modern touch. This craft requires minimal supplies and will make you feel like a regular Chip or Joanna.

What You’ll Need:

  • 22mm copper plumbing pipe
  • Tape measure.
  • 90 degree copper elbow
  • Pipe cutter
  • Sandpaper
  • Clear lacquer spray that can be used on metal
  • Multiple small disc magnets
  • Tacky adhesive (found in most craft stores)
  • Penny washers


  1. Measure 12 inches of the 22mm copper plumbing pipe with a tape measure.
  2. Use the pipe cutter to cut the pipe off at the 12 inch mark.
  3. Sand any rough edges of the pipes with the sandpaper.
  4. Spray the copper pipe and copper elbow with clear lacquer spray to prevent any future tarnish.
  5. Make a ball with the tacky adhesive that is about the size and shape of the opening of the pipe.
  6. Sticky the adhesive into one of the openings of the copper elbow pipe, and flatten the side you can see, so that it creates a flat closing on the pipe.
  7. Add the magnet onto the adhesive on the end of the pipe.
  8. Connect the 22mm plumbing pipe and the copper elbow.
  9. Add another portion of the adhesive to the wall or surface you want to mount your vase, make sure it is about the same size as the other adhesive ball and flatten it to the wall.
  10. Add a penny washer to the middle of the flattened, round adhesive on the wall.
  11. Let both the adhesive and penny washer and the adhesive and magnet settle overnight.
  12. The next day, add some flowers or greenery and attach the magnet vase to the penny washer and voilà!

Make multiple vases for an extra fancy look, or just one for a minimalist feel. These vases will definitely be a huge hit with your friends and guests! Which room are you going to add a pipe magnet vase to? Let us know!