You may be thinking to yourself, “Why on earth would I need a magnetic animal flower bud vase for my home?” Truth be told, you don’t, but that shouldn’t stop you from bringing sincere, child-like joy into your life by way of headless animal toys. And, as delightful as this project itself, is the fact that these adorable things are extremely easy to make! If you’d like accurate photos for visualization and ideas, click here.

Here is everything you need to get started:

  • 2-3 inch tall plastic animals, you can find them at your local dollar store
  • A hot knife or a small saw
  • Paint
  • A drill
  • Glue
  • Small disc magnets


  1. Use the hot knife or a small saw to cut the animals’ heads off. We promise no animals will be harmed in the making of these decorations.
  1. Use the drill to drill a hole into the spot where their heads were before the carnage. Try to make it as deep as possible without breaking through the other side of the toy.
  1. Next, paint the animals fun colors of your choosing! Let them dry overnight.
  1. Take your glue and add a small magnet to the back of each animal.
  1. Put a flower bud into each vase you created and stick them on your fridge or wherever you would like. Enjoy them and revel in the fact that you have some of the most unique decorations in your home. Your friends will surely envy your creativity and style.

Which animals would you turn into tiny vases?