Running out of time to get dad a memorable Father’s Day gift? You can use magnets to create these last minute presents for the hands-on dad who already has it all. Try making life easier for dad by cleaning the garage or making a magnetic wristband. Don’t be intimidated by this daunting task. You can make it fun and easy using magnets!

First, you can clean out dad's garage or using a Magnetic Shop Floor Sweeper. With this magnetic tool, you can give dad a two-in-one gift. After you clean the garage, you can give him the magnetic sweeper to make cleaning up easier for him in the future. If you don’t have time to clean the garage, you can make a magnetic wristband for dad. The wristband will catch nails and screws for him as he works on home improvement projects. A magnetic wristband is safer than holding screws or nails in your mouth as you work.


  • An old sweat armband
  • Small strong magnets
  • Needle and thread


  1. Essentially, all you need to do is put magnets inside of the wristband. If you’re using an old sweatband, carefully cut open a small section of the seam. The opening should be large enough to fit one magnet.
  2. Insert the magnets into the wristband using the opening in the seam. You should be able to insert several magnets one at a time. Spread them out inside of the wristband so the entire band is magnetic.
  3. Once the magnets are in place, close the seam using a needle and thread. If you’re having trouble keeping the magnets inside the wristband, you can use these tips for sewing magnets into clothing.

If you’re really trying to get on dad’s good side, do both of these DIY projects. They go hand-in-hand and dad will be impressed with your creativity! If you have any questions about using magnets in crafts, please contact us.

Image by Darron Birgenheler