There's nothing quite like rolling the windows down, turning the music up, and hitting the open road. Spring is the perfect time of year for that road trip you’ve been dreaming of for ages. So, why not “carpe that diem” and start planning your adventure?

It’s always important to travel with a light load on any road trip you take, but a few small tools can make a huge difference during your travels. Once you’ve packed your first aid kit and cooler, try your hand at some of these DIY magnet projects to hack your way to road trip greatness!

  1. Magnet Window Screen

If you plan to sleep, nap, or simply relax in your car during your big trip, a window screen can help you bring fresh air in, while keeping critters out. And by making it magnetic, you’ll be able to enter and exit your car with ease! All you will need for this DIY project is a mosquito screen, disc magnets, and some duct tape and you’re good to go. Follow these steps to make the perfect window screen for your road trip.  

  1. Magnetic Road Trip Map

Do you want your vacation to be a little more spontaneous and unplanned? Well, then you better bring a map! Having a GPS app is a great way to get directions to each location, but if you’d like to plan as you go, creating a magnetic map, like we did here, is a great idea. Using magnetic paint, you will be able to magnetize any map of your choosing. Instead of pins, simply add some disc magnets to the top of the map when you are finished and you will be able to plan your journey out by marking your desired stops.

  1. Magnetic Compass

You never know when disaster may strike -- especially on the road. Do you know what to do if your phone runs out of battery or breaks while you are traveling? We’d recommend trying a little tool humans have been using to guide them home for thousands of years: a compass. While you could technically buy a compass, making your own is simple and inexpensive, so be sure to give this DIY project a go before hitting the road!
Get ready to ride with these DIY road trip hacks! Where do you plan to travel on your journey?