Leaving the door open and keeping the bugs out is easily solved with screen doors. But what if you have pets? Overexcited dogs can race through screen doors without waiting for someone to open them first and tear through the mesh. Instead of getting your screen door constantly replaced, use magnets to secure the screen down the center. When a dog runs through the screen, the magnets will pull apart long enough for them to pass and then reattach, securing the screen back together with no damage. Here’s how to make one:



  1. First, measure the door frame. Cut the two pieces of mesh so they fit inside the door with 4” to spare. Both pieces should fill one-half of the doorway on their own.
  2. Sew the magnets into the mesh fabric along the inside of the two mesh flaps. You want to space the magnets evenly along the inside of both pieces of mesh. Make sure the magnets on one piece match up with the magnets on the other piece. When you sew the magnets into the mesh, make sure to make a seam on all sides of the magnet. You need to create a pocket in the mesh fabric so the magnet won’t shift or fall out.
  3. Once the magnets are sewn into the mesh, you can hang the two halves of the mesh screen in your doorway. Secure it to the door frame on all sides so it doesn’t come loose.
Ready to start? Download our DIY Magnetic Screen Door printable PDF. Now, you have a functional screen door that won’t rip if you or your pet walks through it. When forced, the magnets connecting the mesh screen door down the center will break apart long enough to let someone pass through. And then the magnets will attract and reattach on their own! The number of magnets you use for this DIY project depends on the size of your doorway and how far apart you want to space them. You also want to buy strong magnets that a person or a dog can separate with little effort. If you have questions about rare earth magnets and where to buy them feel free to contact us! Image by Albert Galiza