Tie clips are extremely useful on windy days or while you’re eating soup. They also make thoughtful gifts for the well-dressed man who already has everything. But if you don’t want a boring bar shaped tie clip, you can turn almost anything you want into a tie clip using magnets. Here’s a simple DIY on how to make a magnetic tie clip.



  1. Select the charm or jewel you want to use as a tie clip. You can use anything such as a small ornament, a stone, a bead, a charm, or even the bottle cap from your favorite kind of beer.
  2. Use the superglue to attach one of the small disc magnets to the back of your charm.
  3. After the glue has dried, your tie clip is ready for use! All you have to do is hold the other small disc magnet on the inside of your dress shirt. Hold the free magnet where you want the tie clip to sit. Usually, tie clips are worn near the middle of the tie or higher. While holding the magnet in place, your charm should attract through your shirt and tie to the other magnet.

The disc magnets you use for this craft should be strong enough to attract through at least two layers of fabric. You should also try to buy disc magnets that aren’t thick so they don’t stick out too much. Neodymium magnets are ideal for this craft because you can find small ones that are still powerful. This is a simple craft that won’t take a long time to complete. You can make a whole collection of magnetic tie clips to correspond with all of your outfits and matching ties.