Today is Fat Tuesday, also known as one of the most festive times of the year━Mardi Gras. Traditionally, Mardi Gras is celebrated by wearing colorful masks and costumes, eating delicious food and going to parades. The mask wearing tradition began as a way for their wearers to escape class restraints and social barriers in medieval times. Now, they are more of a fun decorative piece and are the inspiration for our latest DIY blog: Mardi Gras mask magnets. Read on to find out how to make your own.


  • Cardstock or thicker paper
  • X-acto knife
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Neodymium magnets
  • Craft feathers


  1. Cut out a mask shape out of thick paper to serve as a stencil.
  2. Use the stencil and a X-acto knife to cut out more masks from the cardstock or other thick paper.
  3. Once all of the mask shapes are cut, lay them on a flat work surface and decorate them with some glitter.
  4. Let the glitter dry and attach a few colorful feathers with some glue. Press the feathers down for a few seconds to make sure that they are attached.
  5. Flip the masks over, being careful not to crush the feathers and other add-ons.
  6. Glue a neodymium magnet to the back of each mask and stick them on a magnetic surface.

If you create your own Mardi Gras mask magnets, feel free to snap a picture and share it with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages! Or, if you have questions about what magnets are best to use for this DIY or how to use them, contact us here for assistance.