There’s only hours left until 2015! If you’re ringing in the new year with a New Year’s Eve party and haven’t gathered all your party decor yet, there are some neat DIY crafts that you can incorporate. For a unique New Year’s Eve bash, here are some easy and creative party ideas.

New Year’s Party Photo Booth

One of the best ways to capture the last memories of 2014 and the first memories made in 2015 is by having a photo booth at your party. Renting a photo booth can be extremely expensive, not to mention difficult to move into your home. However, you can create your own New Year’s Eve photo booth with some inexpensive materials and a little creativity. Simply hang up some tinsel with hook magnets as a backdrop. You can cut out some shiny stars or the number 2015 and string them up too. Then leave some quirky props like 2015 glasses, hats, and other New Year’s themed accessories to make each picture unique.

Magnetic New Year’s Resolutions Board

Have your guests pin their resolutions on a magnetic board to add a little productive fun to your party. You can purchase a magnetic board or make your own with this DIY. Place the board on the wall and leave some small magnets in a bowl nearby, along with some paper and markers, so that guests can easily write their resolutions and hang them up.

Motivational Magnets

If you start your party off early, here is a neat activity to invite guests to do━create their own motivational magnets. When they set their New Year’s resolutions, they can stay motivated with the inspirational sayings that they place on the magnet. To learn how to make them, visit our blog here.

Magnetic Tinsel and Confetti Boxes

Your New Year’s Eve party isn’t complete without some tinsel and confetti to throw at midnight. You can give guests a party favor and confetti to throw all in one with some DIY magnetic tins. Simply use some old tin containers, glue a neodymium magnet to them and fill them will tinsel and confetti. If you want to avoid the mess of cleaning up tinsel and confetti though, you can still use them as party favors by stuffing little fortunes for 2015 inside!

If you use one of these DIYs at your holiday party, feel free to share it with us and have a Happy New Year!

Photo by Andrew Vargas