Want to add some life to your home or office space, but don’t want to add a lot of maintenance work for yourself? These DIY Wine Cork Succulent Magnets are perfect for you then! This quick craft will have your space looking bright and cheery in no time and with little upkeep for the future.

What You’ll Need:



  1. Using the steak knife, core out the center of the corks. Do this by putting the tip of the knife in the cork and turning it in a circular motion. Make sure you don’t go all the way down! Leave about ¼ of the cork left.
  2. Use the glue gun to add magnets to the corks. You should only need 1 magnet per cork, but the weight can change depending on which succulent you use, so don’t be afraid to add on another magnet later if need be.
  3. Add soil to the corks, leaving a bit of room. We recommend using a ¼ teaspoon measuring spoon to easily pack down the soil.
  4. Pull apart succulents into pieces -- you only need one “flower” or stem per cork.
  5. Add 1 succulent piece per cork and add more soil, as needed.
  6. Sprinkle the soil and succulent with water.
  7. Give the corks at least an hour to fully dry, then stick your cute wine cork succulents anywhere there’s a magnetic surface!


Go the extra mile: you can steam or boil your corks to soften them and make cutting easier. If you boil them (about 10 mins), be sure they’re dried out for at least a day before cutting into them.

Succulents are a great addition to your home or office space as they add greenery to your space, but are easier to maintain than full-sized houseplants. Every so often (every 1 or 2 weeks), give your corked plants a little sprinkle of water. Who knew having a green thumb could be so easy?

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