The end of November can’t come soon enough for a lot of people this year and not just because of Thanksgiving. This year Gilmore Girl fans are getting a treat they haven’t had since 2007: brand new episodes. On November 25th, the day after Thanksgiving, viewers will be treated to leftovers and four one-hour episodes of “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.” Gilmore Girls seems to be one of the hottest topics around at the moment so to help you join in on the fun, we have the best way for you to rock some Gilmore Girls pride!

Team Magnets

We all know who Lorelai's love interest will be during the revival (see the Gilmore Girls official trailer here), but what about Rory’s? This has been the question on the minds of many people as the clock winds down to the big day. Are you #TeamJess, #TeamLogan, or #TeamDean (Team Dean is unlikely, but you never know)? Or, are you part of the group who believes Rory should be single. Either way, people are having a blast speculating with fan theories before the Netflix premiere. You can show your support for your team with this DIY project for team magnets. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Gilmore Girls printed photo(s) of your choice (we recommend the face of your favorite love interest or character)
  • 1-inch large disc magnets
  • Industrial strength adhesive
  • Laminating sheet
  • Scissors


  1. Peel apart your laminating sheet and place your image(s) inside. Be careful to read the directions on the sheet’s package or you could be in danger of having an air bubble float right on top of Jess’s perfect withering stare.
  2. Cut off the excessive laminating paper. Feel free to get creative and cut the image into a heart or any shape you prefer.
  3. Next, think about the size of your photo. If you chose a larger photograph you may decide to use more than one disc magnet to make sure it fastens well once you have your finished product.
  4. Finally, use the glue to attach your magnets to the back of your Gilmore Girls masterpiece.

Congratulations, you’re ready to create every character in Stars Hollow! The townspeople can attach easily with another magnet to your backpack or sleeve so that you can support your Gilmore Girls pride until the premiere. Copper boom!

Image by Jeffmason