Magnets allow electricians to install wires effectively inside an already standing wall, even in tough locations. Even if there’s insulation in the wall, a few magnets can simplify the task. 


Adding or adjusting wiring in your home can be difficult. After all, how do you get the cables behind the wall, and once you do, how do you maneuver them? The already difficult task becomes even harder when you’re using particularly thin wires (e.g., audio cables). 


Usually, an electrician starts by putting a chain or string into place, using it to pull the electrical wires through and around. But even that presents a problem. How do you get the chain back in position? 

Supplies Needed

Here are the supplies you will need to do the magnetic wiring technique: 


How To Do the Magnetic Wiring Technique 

Follow these steps to complete the magnetic wiring technique: 


  1. Attach your ring magnet to the chain. 
  2. Drop the magnet behind the wall.
  3. Use a second magnet to fish the first through where the wiring needs to go.
    1. Consider using a plastic coated magnet to prevent doing any damage to the wall. 
    2. If you choose to use a stronger magnet, handle it with caution. 


Note: The exact strength and size of the best magnet for a wire fishing project will depend on the thickness of the drywall as well as how much maneuverability is required. To talk through the particulars of your project, call us at 1-304-257-1193. If necessary, we may guide you toward our custom magnet option.

Apex Magnets For Your Wiring Projects

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