Everyone needs a bottle opener at some point, especially beer drinkers. And you don’t want to carry a free bottle opener keychain from a bar with the logo of a beer you don’t even like. With this DIY magnet project, you can show off your woodworking skills and open bottles with class. If you don’t have woodworking skills, don’t worry - this magnetic bottle opener is simple, fun, and convenient!



  1. Choose a wooden plaque. This piece of wood will be displayed on your refrigerator and used frequently so you can paint it or polish it however you want. It can also be whatever size you want as long as it’s large enough to fit a bottle opener.
  2. Measure the rare-earth disc magnets you purchased for this project. Make sure to buy strong neodymium magnets.
  3. Drill 2-3 holes into the back of the wood. These holes should be the same size as the magnets and they should be evenly space apart.
  4. Use superglue to secure the magnets inside the holes you just drilled.
  5. Now, take the nails or screws and use them to attach the stationary bottle opener to the front of the plaque. Place the opener along the top of the plaque.
  6. Finally, hold your magnetic bottle opener up to your refrigerator. The magnets should attract and act just like fridge magnets.

When you use this bottle opener, the bottle caps won’t fall and get lost. The magnets will hold the bottle caps to the bottom of the wooden plaque because they can attract the metal caps through the wood. How many bottle caps can your new magnetic bottle opener hold at one time? Leave a comment and let us know! Also, if you have any questions about rare-earth magnets, feel free to contact Apex Magnets.

Image by Kentfrayn