Shipping magnets ordinarily isn’t a problem. With proper packaging and timely delivery, we can have your Apex Magnet’s order at your door within two days. But when it comes to shipping large, powerful magnets, problems can arise as they travel from metal truck to metal truck. Our large neodymium magnets are capable of attracting metal through several layers of ordinary packing material. Instead of forcing your mail carrier to pry the magnetic package off the metal truck with a crowbar, we carefully pack our rare earth magnets such as the 6” x 2” disc magnet so they are more convenient for travel. Here’s how we do it:

Layers, Layers, and More Layers

When you order a monster magnet, it will arrive in a cardboard box secured with plastic strips. Before opening the package, make sure there are no metal objects nearby. These are extremely powerful magnets and you don’t want knives, keys, nails, and other metal objects flying through the air because of the powerful force of magnetic attraction.

Once in a safe place, you can open the box. Inside you’ll find a layer of styrofoam on top of a thin sheet of iron. The metal sheet is there to redirect the magnetic field and shield the outside world from the magnet. When you remove the metal sheet, you should feel resistance. Be extremely careful when removing it and then place it far away from the magnet. Next, you’ll find more styrofoam layers interspersed with layers of plywood. The wood and foam layers keep the metal sheets from getting stuck to the magnet. They also prevent the magnet from breaking during transport. Within that nest of plywood and styrofoam, your monster magnet will be tucked safely inside a plastic cover.

Now, you’re ready to use your new magnet! There is another metal sheet under the layers below the magnet in the box so again, be careful when removing it. You should keep the packaging to store your magnet when it’s not in use or if you need to move it to a different location. Even with all of that packaging though, you will notice metal objects can still feel the pull of the magnet so always follow our magnet safety guidelines.

What would you do with a monster magnet? Share your ideas with us!