There’s more to magnets than what meets the eye—even for musicians! We put together a list of some DIY magnet hacks specifically for musicians and audiophiles. This way, they can spend less time finding and organizing their equipment and more time jamming. 

Create a makeshift paper clip

It’s a common fear with performers—you’re on stage, ready to play, and then...all of your sheet music falls onto the ground. *cue crickets from the audience* To avoid this disaster, create a makeshift paper clip using magnets for easy transportation. As a bonus, you’ll be able to flip papers as you need to read them with ease, as the magnet can be removed quickly. Here’s how it works: place one cylinder magnet, such a ¼” x ¼” magnet, on a table and place the papers on top of it. Grab another cylinder magnet and move it around the paper until it attracts to the other magnet. 

You can also use this magnetic “paper clip” for flyer transportation. Before a show, clip some flyers between the magnets. Once you get there, take the magnets off and slip them into your pocket—no stapler or folder necessary!

Hang guitar picks and drumsticks on the wall

Never lose a guitar pick again! Easily store extra picks, drumsticks, reeds, and other loose items by using magnetic paint on one wall in your studio. Then, attach a small 1/4” x 1/16” adhesive-backed disc magnet to the back of each item you want to hang.

Build your own speakers

Using copper wire and a strong 10mm x 2mm neodymium disc magnet, you’re able to recreate the basic technology behind speakers! The wire will transmit electrical current, making the magnet vibrate, which we will pick up as sound. Find a detailed tutorial on how to build your own speaker with magnets here.

Make a DIY post-it notes speaker

In a pinch? Create a speaker with post-it notes, an audio cable, magnetic wire, and a few more things. Find a detailed tutorial here. Once you’re done, simply plug the audio cord into a computer or phone and you have a lightweight speaker!
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