Music is everywhere whether you’re listening for it or  not. Movies, television, and everyday life, from eating at restaurants to shopping at retail stores, wouldn’t be the same without it. Even the birds sing a soundtrack to the non-digital world where speakers don’t exist.

We’ve already showed you how to make a speaker out of plastic cup or styrofoam plate, but what about something thinner and less rounded than traditional speakers? Well, using the power of magnets, it’s possible. Today, we’ll teach you how to make a speaker using a Post-it Note. Yes, you read that right, the sticky pieces of paper you use to remind yourself of things.


  • Tape
  • Post-it note
  • Audio cable (broken headphones)
  • 2 alligator clip wires
  • Magnetic wire (aluminum or copper)
  • Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet
  • Wire cutters/strippers  


  1. Cut off about 3 feet of the magnetic wire. From each end of the wire, strip around two inches of the insulation off the wire.
  2. Wind the wire into a circle that will be bigger than your magnet. Leave at least 3 inches of the wire on each end for use later.
  3. Tape the neodymium magnet to a table or flat surface.
  4. Stick the Post-it note to the table overtop of the magnet, making sure that the magnet is in the middle of the paper.  
  5. Tape the coiled wire to the Post-it note. Make sure that the wires are not touching the magnet taped below, or the speakers will not work properly.
  6. Cut off the headphones from the audio cable. Make sure you leave the male end (the part that connects to your speakers) and strip or peel back the rubber from the exposed wire.
  7. Clip one end of each alligator wire clip to the exposed wire on the Post-it note, and the other to the exposed wire on the audio cable. Repeat this step with the other alligator wire clip.
  8. You have now built your own working speaker. Plug your male end of the audio cord into a computer, phone or mp3 player and crank up your favorite song.

Can you think of any other crafts you can make with neodymium magnets and Post-it notes? Share your ideas with us!