From the existence of monopole magnets to their capabilities in the cold, there are plenty of magnet myths/theories. That is why we are taking a look at another popular myth regarding the power of magnets once they are placed in water. Do they really lose a considerable amount of strength? Can they retain their current capabilities? Is it possible that this change makes them stronger? Let’s find out!

Navigating the Waters

While this myth has become quite popular, it is not true. Magnets work well underwater. Some jobs and industries, like fishing and boating, rely on them to complete their work. The magnetic field of magnets exists underwater just like it does above water. Likewise, the pull force of a magnet keeps almost all of its strength. In certain cases, however, the density of the water may lessen the range from which it can attract smaller objects. 


Certain magnets can corrode or rust, including neodymium magnets, since they are not waterproof. We recommend using our sewing magnets or plastic-coated magnets for long stints in the water due to their protective coatings. 

Testing Magnets in Water

If you would like to see how magnets react to water and other liquids, try out one of these great experiments. You can also place objects such as paper clips in water and see how they respond to magnets of varying strengths and sizes.


Why not try testing out magnets in water on a larger scale by participating in the growing hobby known as magnet fishing? This exciting activity gives you the chance to discover unique artifacts and more in local rivers, ponds, lakes, etc. We even carry retrieving/fishing magnets that were specifically designed to help you begin your magnet fishing journey. 

Experience the Wonders of Magnets with Apex

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