While it’s great that magnets can offer incredible strength, the more powerful the magnet, the more careful you need to be when handling it. Here at Apex, we have a wide range of strength levels and magnet types so we want to make sure you know our recommended best practices for all of them. Before you put your new magnets to use, check out this roundup of magnet safety tips!

First Aid with Neodymium Magnets

Magnet preparedness begins with a firm understanding of the danger they can present as well as proper first aid techniques. As it pertains to magnetic strength, neodymium magnets are considered among the most powerful in the world. Common injuries include; fire, pinching, broken bones, swallowing magnets, exploding magnets, and allergies. You should be ready for the worst-case scenario. For first aid techniques to treat these injuries check out this helpful blog

Technology That You Should Never Put Near High Powered Magnets

Today’s computers and other devices are often made of magnetic materials, meaning that they can be destroyed when they come into direct contact with high powered magnets. This includes credit cards, hard drives, phones, televisions, pacemakers, and anything else with magnetic data. For more information on how magnets can affect your technology and what you can do about it, see this blog post. 

Workplace Best Practices

Magnets are capable of incredible feats, like lifting cars or moving trains. Even with this strength, they typically pose little threat to the average human when appropriately handled.

The same is true when multiple smaller magnets are used in close proximity. Because they’re so busy acting upon each other’s magnetic fields, they don’t combine to create an extreme outward force. However, they do occasionally cause injury and it’s best to be prepared. 

Some best practices include: 

  • Wearing heavy protective gloves to avoid developing a nickel allergy
  • Moving other magnets or metals out of the way before handling 
  • Wearing eye protection and keeping arms and legs covered
  • Inspecting all magnets before use for any faults in the plating 

Find out more about how you can protect your workplace with the full piece

Using Apex Magnets in Your Everyday 

Our magnets are a great tool in everyday life and the workplace. Their strength helps make our lives easier, but it’s important to remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Before using your magnets make sure you know how best to protect yourself and those around you. For more useful information on magnets check out our full blog.