Do you own an auto body shop? Do you make custom cars? Then you should know that magnets are becoming the popular choice for custom trim projects and interior builds, and for good reason. Whether you’re working with paneling, tray setups, or consoles, using magnets allows you to snap them into place. More important than that satisfying snap though is their overall effectiveness. 

Magnets vs. Traditional Fasteners 

Traditional fasteners for these types of projects and jobs include clips and screws, but they can be easily damaged if you need to remove and replace paneling on even a semi-regular basis. With neodymium magnets, however, you can avoid that damage and move paneling with precision.  Magnets are also easier to hide from view while still holding everything in place. They’re particularly useful for an area of console covering an access area that requires regular service and maintenance.  The only situations where you may want to opt for traditional fastening methods are with door pulls and headliners, the material and product that cover the ceiling of the car. For the rest of your custom insert needs, neodymium magnets should do the trick.  Though the ideal size and strength of the magnet will vary, options for small to mid-sized paneling include the following:  Note that you should always aim to use magnets for custom trim work in pairs vs. directly adhering them to the metal surface. Ultimately, this allows for better, more precise positioning. Without the pair, you wouldn't be able to ensure the exact same placement time after time. Depending on the size and weight of the panel you’re attaching, you can always use more pairs. In some cases, you may want to use a magnet that has a dimpled side with its opposing magnet protruding a little bit; this allows them to lock into place and the mechanical fit makes sure there is good alignment. If you need to create this kind of custom-sized magnet, consider making a custom magnet request. 

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