Pump technology has evolved over time to allow engineers to use smaller magnetic drive pumps while simultaneously making them more powerful and efficient. Rare earth magnets allow for this compact design due to their high strength. In addition to magnet technology, new pump designs have increased pump lifetime usage, reduced power loss due to eddy currents, and even reduced downtime due to maintenance. Perhaps most important, magnetic drive pumps offer minimal to zero leakage of pumped medium/fluid.

Different types of designs of magnetic drive pumps include the following: 

  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Positive displacement pumps
  • Side channel pumps
  • Turbine pumps
  • Vane pumps
  • Internal and external gear pumps


Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps transport different fluids through the conversion of rotational kinetic energy to hydrodynamic energy. The rotational energy is created by an engine or electric motor. In a magnetic drive centrifugal pump, the impeller and the medium are contained within hermetically sealed housing. The drive shaft from the engine or motor includes an assembly of magnets on the outside of the housing. Inside the housing, opposite the initial ring of magnets is a matching set. As a result, torque, the rotational equivalent of linear force, is transferred through the housing. 


The magnets used in centrifugal pumps are typically rare earth magnets like samarium-cobalt or neodymium. The advantages of these types of magnets are that lower mass is needed to maintain torque (leading to smaller less complicated pumps) and better temperature stability. One disadvantage to note is that these magnets have poor corrosion resistance; however, this can be combated by coating the inner rings in something like epoxy, polypropylene, or stainless steel. If you need epoxy-coated magnets for your application, fill out a custom magnet request form.


Apex Magnets to Magnetically Sealed Pumps 

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