If you work in law enforcement, then you are probably well-aware that one of the most common illegal dumping grounds for guns is… underwater. Whether these guns are actual murder weapons, linked to a crime, or just purchased illegally, guns are often disposed of in lakes, rivers, streams, swamps, sewers, and wells. Using the power of magnets, law enforcement teams can bring important evidence –– the weapon in question –– to the surface, and in some cases, use it to identify a suspect and close a case.

How to Use Magnets to Secure Your Evidence

It’s actually a fairly simple process to extract evidence from bodies of water, as long as you have the right tools. First, you’ll need a rope or some kind of nylon paracord. While 50 feet should be plenty, if you’re casting from the top of a bridge, 100 feet is probably more appropriate. No matter the length, be sure to bring a sturdy pair of gloves to avoid injury when pulling in the rope. Depending on the strength of magnet you use, you may end up pulling in something far heavier than a gun.

For your hypothetical hook and sinker, you and your team should use a strong neodymium magnet –– you’ll be dragging this magnet along the bottom of the waterway to “hook” ferrous metals (i.e., guns) and bring them in for further inspection. Neodymium magnets are extremely strong and can be purchased with a protective coating, which is extremely important to avoid corrosion as you’ll be using it underwater (maybe even in saltwater). However, be careful when handling multiple rare earth magnets as they can jump together and pinch the skin, potentially causing some pretty serious injuries.

Which Apex Product to Use 

We recommend using our double-sided retrieval magnets that are made specifically for “fishing.” Another recommendation could be something like our eye bolt neodymium hook magnets with an 80-pound holding capacity. Feed your rope or paracord through the eye bolt and secure. While this particular magnet’s pull force is reduced when used vertically, it should still be more than enough to secure the ferrous object, in this case, a gun, and retrieve it. Remember, too, while objects are lighter underwater, you may still need to maneuver through rocks and weeds –– another good reason to choose the product with an 80-pound pull force.

Call Apex Magnets

If you work with a law enforcement agency and would like to know more about how to use magnets to “hook” the evidence you need to identify a suspect or perpetrator, give us a call at (1-304) 257-1193. We’re more than happy to offer up our expertise at any time of the day, especially if it means helping to solve a crime!