Are you responsible for placing a large-scale order for magnets, but can’t find exactly what you need? Purchasing custom magnets is an effective way to find the right product for your unique situation. At Apex, we’re able to modify an order to meet special expectations and fit your company’s needs, and we can do so with a production lead time of approximately 6-8 weeks (up to 12 weeks for larger magnets).

Successful customization is all in the details. The more descriptive you can be upfront, the better. Before reaching out to our team about customization, review the requirements of your desired magnetic application. If you’re unsure of what you need for the specific application, we suggest walking through the following steps.

  1. Review Stock Items

Review ready-made stock items to give yourself an idea of the strength, size, shape, and type of magnet you need. This exercise may help you determine, for example, if you would prefer Ceramic versus neodymium magnets or disk magnets instead of blocks.

You can also use this information to verify whether or not your ideal magnet is already in stock. If you find an existing magnet to meet your needs, you can significantly reduce your lead time. Place your in-stock order before 3 pm EST, and we will ship the same day.

If, after browsing the in-stock items, you still feel unsure of what you need, don’t worry. The questions we ask on our request form will require you to think critically about the intended application of your magnet.

  1. Visit Our Customization Request Form

The Apex Custom Magnet Request form lists specific information to help you navigate the customization process. We make it easy for business owners and purchasing managers, explaining key details on requirements, delivery time, and pricing. We ask for specific information on size, dimension, magnetic coating, strength ratings, whether or not the magnet will be used in extreme temperatures, and more.

  1. Create and Send Drawings

Sometimes, order request forms can be tricky to decipher if the custom magnet you’re trying to order is excessively detailed. A sketch of the magnet provides the supplier with a more in-depth look at exactly what you want. What can’t be described in words can often be shown through illustration.
Call the Apex Team!
If you’ve moved through the previous steps browsed in-stock items, filled out a customization form, and shared drawings contact our team. We’re more than happy to talk through the intended application of your magnet and find a product that suits your need, whether that means we point you toward something in-stock or help you customize your own.