If you’re an avid DIYer, you’ve probably made dozens of mason jar crafts. They’ve been the rage for a few years now and make great bases for lots of different projects. But there’s one important downside: You probably have a stash of mason jar lids tucked away in a closet (because what savvy DIY maven would throw them away?!).

Stop hunting for a project and start making: this DIY magnetic project combines function and fashion with a nostalgic twist. These magnets are simple to make, but can be adapted using different sizes or types of lids, or even into other projects, like ornaments!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Mason jar lids (any size or shape)
  • Photos (or any type of paper - scrapbooking paper or leftover wrapping paper makes pretty decorative magnets!)
  • A pencil or pen that works on the photos
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Large circular disc magnets
  1. First, make sure that the photos you want to use are duplicates or at least not precious - because you’ll be tracing and cutting the photos to fit into the mason jar lids.
  1. Take your photo and center the mason jar lid on the area you’d like to trace. Use your pen or marker to trace around the mason jar lid, then cut out your photo along this line.
  1. Next, you’ll use your glue to affix the photo to the inside of the mason jar lid. This creates a cute “frame” effect, showing off your gorgeous photos!
  1. Finally, glue a large disc magnet to the back of the lid. You may wish to use hot glue or another stronger type of glue for this process. If you decide to use a hot glue gun, be careful as the metal lid could get hot during the gluing process.
  1. Hang your gorgeous new magnets on the fridge and admire your handiwork! Have more lids? Make more magnets for family and friends, or glue ribbons to the top and create round photo ornaments. If you like, you could paint the mason jar lid to create cute colorful frames for your pics.

Learn more about these magnets, and get tips for gluing the photos in this tutorial. Get other photo magnetic DIY tips on our blog here!