New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest party holidays of the year. People all around the world will toast their accomplishments of the past year and look forward to the possibilities of the future. Traditional celebrations include fireworks, watching the ball drop in Times Square, NY, and drinking champagne. For those who are looking for refreshing ideas to add to the traditional celebrations, here’s a fun game to play at your party this year:



  1. First, paint the pin magnets red. These will represent Rudolph’s red nose.
  2. Next, draw an image of Rudolph to pin your magnetic noses onto. The image should be large enough for blindfolded people to pin magnets to it, but small enough to fit onto your refrigerator. If you’re not up to drawing Rudolph, you can print an image of him to trace or to use instead of drawing and coloring.
  3. Then, attach the Rudolph to the fridge using one magnet at each corner. Don’t use your red pin magnets for the corners or you could get them mixed up with the game pieces. Instead, use other fridge magnets or leave a couple of the pins unpainted to use at the corners.
  4. Now, you’re ready to play!

To play, everyone must try to place their red magnet pin as close as possible to Rudolph’s nose. The challenge is that when it’s your turn you have to wear the blindfold and spin around three times before trying to get the famous reindeer’s nose back in the right place. If the kitchen is too busy for playing games, you can attach your Rudolph image to a cookie sheet and hang it on the wall where there is more space.

This game is great for all ages as long as you are careful when spinning blindfolded people around and take proper safety measures around magnets. To make the game more interesting at your New Year’s Eve party, you can give the winner prizes!

Let us know how your Pin the Nose on Rudolph game goes and share your story in the comments!