When you think of magnets, where does your mind go first? Maybe an industrial backdrop – magnetic sweepers and lifters? Perhaps you think of a first-grade classroom star magnets beneath the names of well-behaved children. There’s a good chance you don’t relate to either of these examples, but have you considered the practical uses magnets can have around your office?

You might be surprised by how useful magnets can be, providing day-to-day benefits and opportunities to organize or improve workflow. If you still can’t imagine it, read through our list of quick and clever ways to use Apex magnets in an office environment.

Don’t Lose Your Keys: Boxes and Racks

To prevent the loss of keys to the office, your car, or your house you probably use a metal key box in the office. Instead of hammering a nail into the wall or screwing in some kind of hook, try one of our products. Because the metal in the box will respond to a magnet, you can attach, for example, a neodymium magnet block (with or without a countersink hole) to the key box. Then, you can attach the whole thing to a ferromagnetic surface: whiteboard, drywall with metal behind it, filing cabinets, memo trays, and more.

To create a custom key rack, place the desired amount of our hook magnets onto a piece of sheet metal. Remember, you can always add or subtract hooks based on the number of people working in your office. Once you mount the custom fixture, conveniently hang keys, coats, cords, and more.

Organize Your Space: Documents, Cables, Pens and Pencils

Paper clips are unreliable easily bent and lost. Our chrome-coated duckbill magnetic clips are an excellent alternative they even hold up to 16 sheets of 8.5” x 11” 20# paper.

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose option, our bendable silicone magnetic clips (in either white or black) are another upgrade from paper clips. In addition to organizing your important papers, you can use them as bookmarks, whiteboard magnets, marker holders, or cable organizers (for headphones, computer chargers, and spare cords). Because you can use erasable chalk marker on our bendable clips, they also function as labels for shelving, filing cabinets, paper trays, and refrigerators.

Enhance Your Whiteboard: Accessories and Organization

For many offices, the whiteboard is a watering hole. Individuals and teams gather there to casually plan, brainstorm, and present new ideas. Our plastic coated pins and magnets make a great functional addition to your display.

Whether you want colorful disc magnets, block magnets, pin magnets, or some combination of the three, you can use these to quantify or better express ideas. You can also use any of the aforementioned magnets on a whiteboard calendar. For example, will you need a specific report next Friday? Pin it to its proper place on the calendar.

Use Apex Magnets Today
Our magnets are versatile. Once you’ve considered the important factors involved in magnet safety and performance (pull force, temperature, coating), you’re only limited by your own imagination. If you’re ready to implement the ideas above, jump directly to our products: neodymium magnet block, hook magnets, duckbill magnetic clips, bendable silicone magnetic clips.
If you’re still unsure about the variables that impact a magnet’s performance, or which magnet works best for a certain application, call us (available 24 hours a day at (1-304) 257-1193) or send us a message. We’ll help you find the right product for your unique situation.