Quilts are a big part of American heritage. If you’re a quilt fan, or have had quilts passed down to you, these magnets are a great way to honor and keep up that tradition. This craft requires minimal supplies and is simple to make.

After you decide on your quilt design and fabric, the rest of the craft relies on hand stitching the squares. What better way to display your favorite quilt patterns?

What You’ll Need:


  1. Measure the fabric. The quilt squares should be 1.5 x 1.5”.
  2. Hand stitch one length of the square. Make sure the fabric is folded neatly into a square and the fabric matches up on all of the other sides.
  3. If your fabric seems too flimsy, you may need to add some batting. To do this, cut extra fabric and batting for the backing of the quilt square. This will make the fabric thicker and more sturdy.
  4. Sew the three other sides, leaving enough room for the magnet on the last side.
  5. Slip the magnet in the hole. Stitch up the hole.
  6. Optional: Instead of inserting the magnet inside the quilted square, you can glue the magnet on the back of the square. Let the glue completely dry and let the magnet set before sticking them on your fridge.

To give these quilt squares a more uniform look, insert a thin piece of plastic or cardboard before you sew the fourth side close. This small trick will make your quilt magnet appear more precise overall. If you decide to add an insert, make sure you attach the magnet to the outside of the fabric with glue, instead of inserting the magnet inside the square.

If you’re an experienced quilter, this is a great DIY to try creating your own quilt fabrics, instead of using recycled fabrics. These magnets would also make great gifts for family and friends alike!

Let us know how your magnets turned out!  Don’t forget to check out the rest of our magnet crafts on our blog for more DIY inspiration and ideas!