If you want to mail a magnetic Christmas or holiday-themed card to your family—the ones with the magnetic backing you can stick up on your refrigerator – rest assured that it’s safe to do! There is little to no risk involved in mailing these refrigerator cards across the country. That said, if you’re thinking of shipping more powerful magnets this holiday season, be aware: they can cause damage if not properly mailed. 

How to Transport Magnets

General things to keep in mind if you’re transporting magnets anywhere:

  • Package magnets with alternating poles by having the North poles face opposite directions.
  • Use a keeper bar or magnetic shielding (often made of steel) to absorb the magnetic field.

By Air

If you’re shipping magnets by air, you must follow a specific set of rules. If the electronics in the airplane were to fail, the pilot would need to navigate by a traditional compass. Unfortunately, in that situation, a powerful magnet could easily disrupt the readings. So, we need to do everything we can to travel safely by:

  • Using a magnetic warning label on the address side.
  • Completing a shipper’s declaration of dangerous goods in triplicate; attach to the outside of the package.
  • For international shipping, non-regulated magnets need to have a magnetic field strength that is weaker than 2 milligauss from 7 feet away.
  • For domestic shipping, non-regulated magnets need to have a magnetic field strength that is weaker than 5.25 milligauss from 15 feet away.
    • These fields can be blunted with absorption (keep bar or magnetic shielding).

By Ground

Rules are less stringent for ground shipping, but you should still practice good packaging techniques. It is possible, after all, for your manget to get stuck to a truck bed, making removal difficult. 

  • If the magnetic field is unconfined, clearly label the package “Surface Only” or “Surface Mail Only” and “ Magnetic—Keep 7 Feet Away From Navigational Equipment.” 

Apex Magnets

Apex offers customers reliable shipping options because we know all about ensuring safe delivery. In our next blog, we’ll cover the ins and outs of making magnet returns this holiday season. 
If you want to shop magnets, check out our extensive line of products. If you think your business could use magnets in the new year to improve workflow, reduce cost, or improve safety scores, give us a call to talk it through—1-304-257-1193.