You can make decorating for the holidays easy with neodymium hook magnets from Apex Magnets! Hook magnets come in a variety of sizes capable of supporting anywhere from 12 to 200 pounds of pull force, which is more than enough for your twinkly lights and mistletoe. Here are a few ways you can use neodymium hook magnets to simplify your seasonal decorating:

Hanging Stockings

Hanging stockings above your fireplace is a traditional way to share and display gifts during the holiday season. You can use adhesive magnets or hook magnets to make this timeless tradition easier. With hook magnets, you can leave the hooks there all year to display seasonal directions. Or you can use hook magnets to find creative places to hide your family’s stuffed stockings throughout your home. As long as you place the hook magnet on a magnetic surface such as metal or your refrigerator, the stocking won’t fall no matter how stuffed with gifts it is.

Door Wreath

Instead of using a metal hanger that drapes over your door and damages the frame, you can hang your wreath using hook magnets. If your door consists of metal the hook magnet will attract to the metal and stay in place on its own. For doors that aren’t metal, you can place another magnet on the inside of your door. The magnet on the inside will attract to the hook magnet on the outside and hold it in place. For this to work, you will need a powerful magnet strong enough to attract through your door. Then all you have to do is arrange the hook in the desired position and drape your wreath over it.

Lights, Garland, and Mistletoe

Hook magnets are also useful when stringing up lights and garland around your home. Whether you’re decorating the outside, the inside, or both, hook magnets allow for easy set-up and even easier clean up. And you don’t have to worry about overdoing it, because with Apex hook magnets you can put up to 200 lbs of weight on the hooks without them falling out of place.

Do you have enough seasonal decorations to bring down our largest hook magnet? Pile it on and let us know what happens!


Image by Scott Feldstein