Searching for colorful plastic eggs filled with treats is a traditional spring activity for many people. This treasure hunt is a great way to enjoy the warmer weather and longer days. But if you’re the one stuck hiding the eggs every year it’s probably more and more challenging to come up with new hiding spots. This is where rare earth magnets can help. You can make your egg hunt extra fun by using magnets to hide the treasure in new and interesting places. Here’s how to get started:



  1. First, fill your plastic eggs with as much candy and treasure as you can. Chocolate is a great incentive for your participants as they search for your expertly hidden eggs.
  2. Next, use the superglue to attach one strong magnet to each plastic egg. You can attach the magnet to the outside or the inside depending on the size of the magnet and your personal preference.
  3. Once the glue is dry, you can start hiding your magnetic eggs in different, unexpected places. For example, hiding an egg on the bottom of a metal shelf is sure to stump your treasure hunters.

There are numerous ways you can challenge your egg hunters with magnetic eggs. The magnets will attract to any surface with magnetic properties or metal. You can hide them on white boards, your fridge, chalkboards, or garage doors. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can use an unattached magnet and hold it on the other side of a surface. For example, you can put a magnet on top of a table and then hold a magnetic egg under the table directly below that magnet. They will attract to each other through the table holding your magnet in place and out of sight. You can then cover the visible magnet with a coaster or napkin.

While you’re hiding your magnetic eggs, you should consider creating a map. You don’t want to forget where the treasure is hidden so you can mark each hiding place on the map. If you’re seekers become frustrated they can then refer to your map to find the remaining eggs.

You also use this idea for geocaching, which is an international treasure hunt you can join at any time!


Image by Toelstede