From Papa John’s Pizza to political campaigns, we’ve grown accustomed to the colorful magnetic signage we see around the city or on the side of someone’s vehicle as it drives by. Maybe the sign is an ad for a local handyman, hair stylist, or Grubhub delivery service. No matter the end product, there is a production process to all magnetic signage that remains, for the most part, unseen.

If you’re involved in the manufacturing of magnetic signage, or the procurement of material to make said operation run more efficiently, Apex Magnets has several high-quality products you can use “behind the scenes.” That’s right – using magnets to better make a magnetic product!

Magnetic Tool Holder

First, consider using block and disc magnets (with or without a countersink hole) to create a magnetic tool bar in your workspace. Our powerful products are capable of holding drills, wrenches, and heat guns safely in place. You can also place our magnets under the surface of a steel work table, allowing you to save space and easily store accessible tools.

A magnetic holder can help keep certain personal items organized during the production process as well. A simple measure like this can keep your workspace clean and accident-free.

Magnetic Pins/Clips

Magnetic pins and clips can hold documents, information on processes, laminated or metal sheets, wayfinding material, or more to whiteboards or other ferromagnetic surfaces, like steel. These products are less-damaging than nails and more reliable than tape. They also allow for easy repositioning, and since they can be reused, save on cost.

Our bendable silicone magnetic clips can also be extremely useful. You might use them instead of paper clips, which are often unreliable and thrown away or lost after one use, or as cable ties to keep computer cordage and other wires untangled and organized.

Adhesive Backed Magnets

When the time comes to actually place the graphic – let’s say, your Papa John’s advertisement – onto the sticky side of an adhesive backed magnetic sign, consider our product. We use quality 3M adhesive glue that can hold your graphic firmly in place.

Visit our custom magnet request form to tailor the size and shape of your adhesive backed magnet. The easy-to-use form walks you through all the information we need, including details about what temperature the magnet will be used at, measurements, thickness, and material. All these things will affect your magnet’s performance! We’re available to discuss which product you feel you need, what you hope to achieve with it, and from that information, what we recommend.

Use Apex Magnets Today

Now you know more about how to use magnets in the production of magnetic signage! Do you think our products could make your job easier? Safer? More efficient? Then explore our website for the types of magnets we mentioned above – blocks, discs, pins, adhesives, and countersinks.

As always, feel free to give us a call at (1-304) 257-1193. We are more than happy to work with you on your specific project.