Countersunk magnets are a form of ring magnet (although we also sell countersunk blocks!) with one angled side to take in a screw flush up against the side, allowing it to be anchored onto another surface. They’re ideal for hanging artwork and keeping doors and drawers closed. On the other hand, traditional ring magnets have concentric, non-angled holes. They’re not as strong as, say, disc magnets, but they are versatile and can slide quite easily onto rods and tubes.

When it comes to using magnets with holes in the center, do you know when you should use rings instead of countersunk? Here are three examples: 

3 Ways to Use Ring Magnets

1. To demonstrate repulsion.

During science class, teachers often use ring magnets to demonstrate magnetic repulsion. First, wooden poles are threaded through the rings. Then, when the same poles of the magnet face each other, they won’t touch.

2. To clean glass.

Whether you’re cleaning a vase, a fish tank, or a window, the process is simplified with ring magnets. Cut a sponge in half and insert a ring magnet with string tied to it into each half. Once you add soap and/or water, you can pull your sponge along as it cleans both the inside and the outside of a glass surface. 

3. To neutralize implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICD).

That’s right, ring magnets can be used in medicine, too! Certain studies show that they neutralize malfunctioning ICDs, which serve to correct the heart rhythm with electric shock. If it malfunctions, it might start to apply more shocks than is necessary or safe. When a ring magnet is applied to the patient’s chest over the ICD, it disables it. 

More to Know About Ring Magnets

Something to keep in mind about ring magnets is that they have a unique polarization because the north and south poles can be segmented in several ways, alternating around the ring. In other words, the poles can actually be cut in half, quarters, or eights. 

Apex Magnets

Ultimately, ring magnets are particularly useful for science projects, industrial lifting applications, manufacturing, and even some medical situations. However, as always, we believe you’re only limited by the bounds of your own imagination. If you want to talk about other applications for ring magnets, leave us a message or give us a call at 1-304-257-1193.