When you’re renting a small apartment, one of the biggest challenges is organizing your kitchen. Not only are you trying to fit all of your pots and pans into a tiny space, but you also can’t leave any permanent marks or holes if you want to get your security deposit back. So instead of trying to get by with half of your kitchenware in storage, here are a few ways you can use neodymium magnets to make your apartment more livable:

  1. Use Hook Magnets

Instead of cluttering your shelves with layers of pots and pans that make it impossible to get one pan out without collapsing the entire tower, you can use strong hook magnets. All you have to do is place a small sheet of metal inside one of your shelves. The metal must have strong magnetic properties for this to work. Lay the metal sheet on the bottom of the shelf so you can still store bowls and plates on top of it.

Then place a few hook magnets on the other side of the shelf so they attract to the metal through the shelf. Your hook magnets should hang facing downward. Now, you can use the neodymium hook magnets to hang your pots and pans. Depending on how heavy your pots and pans are, you can get hook magnets capable of holding anything from 12 lbs to 200 lbs at Apex Magnets. With your kitchenware hanging where you can easily reach it, you can free up counter space, shelf space, and save time searching for the right pot.

  1. Fix Cabinets

Instead of paying someone to fix a cabinet door that won’t stay shut, you can save money and install a magnetic latch on your own. Get started with neodymium countersink magnets and these simple instructions!

  1. Get Creative

You can use magnets to organize and decorate your temporary apartment in a variety of different ways. With a magnetic rack, you can organize your spices or store them on the fridge to free up more space in your kitchen cabinets. You can even use magnets to eliminate your “junk drawer” and turn into useful storage space.

Can you think of any more useful magnet hacks for your apartment? We have tons of other DIYs to help you make your space absolutely perfect. Check them out on our blog.