It’s spring again! For many people, this means spring cleaning. If you’re brave enough to tackle your craft room, you’ve probably found several random trinkets that you may not find a use for in the future. Instead of shoving your miscellaneous pieces back into a drawer, you can turn these random items into cute magnets to hold notes on your fridge or as gifts for your friends:

1. Wine Corks

Drinking enough wine to make a wreath of wine corks can take forever. Instead of reusing wine corks for a DIY wreath, turn them into magnets. You can cut a wine cork in half lengthwise and attach adhesive magnets on the flat side of the halves. Now, you have two cute wine cork magnets to hold notes on your fridge and to remind you to buy more wine.

2. Clothespins

Clothespins make great note holders for your fridge. Attach a rare earth magnet to one side of the pin and you’re all set! Just pinch the  pin the secure notes and photos in place and the magnet will do the rest. You can dress up the clothespin with a layer of colorful paint or turn it into an airplane shaped note holder.

3. Pom Poms

These fuzzy little craft items are easy to lose and can turn up in the most unusual places. When you find a fuzzy pom pom, glue it to a magnet so you have a cute new magnet to add to your collection on the refrigerator.

4. Popsicle Sticks

There are endless uses for popsicle sticks, but if you have some sticks to spare you can turn them into magnetic frames for photos. Paint four popsicle sticks different colors and glue small bar magnets on the back. Now, you can arrange them around a photo on your fridge where they will hold the image in place and act as a cute frame.

5. Buttons

If you own clothing (and we hope that you do), you have spare buttons. You can keep track of all of those random buttons by sticking a magnet to them. Then you can use your cute button magnets to hold grocery lists on your fridge.

What else did you find during your annual spring cleaning that you can turn into cute magnets?

Image by Steven Depolo