There’s no way we’re the only ones who have a stash of old toys and games tucked away in the house somewhere. But why should old toys be relegated to the attic or basement? And furthermore, why can’t adults have some fun with their old toys? Today’s magnetic DIY project uses neodymium magnets to give your old stash of Matchbox cars a serious - and seriously educational - upgrade.

All you’ll really need to make this fun magnet DIY is:

We really, genuinely recommend you don’t stop there - as this blog shows, with just a little painter’s tape or masking tape, you can make a car course that’ll rival any Mario Kart level. Get creative and make buildings, ramps, or other obstacles to navigate!

All you have to do to make your own magically magnetic car is tape the magnet to the top of the car. Then, use your larger horseshoe magnet to “drive” the car. Try using other sizes and shapes of magnets to control the car. Which ones work best? Why?

When you’ve exhausted driving your car, try taping other types of magnets to your car. What would happen with a ring magnet taped to your car? What about a cone magnet?

Try making two or more cars to see what happens when you try to crash them into one another. Will they crash, or will they repel? Even better - get some friends over for an IRL version of Mario Kart. Everybody gets their own magnetic car and control, and you can race each other through inventive race courses.

Don’t let your childhood toys languish, boxed up. Break them out again and revive them with this fun magnetic DIY! You’ll get to revisit some of your favorite toys from childhood while learning more about magnets and magnetic fields.

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