When people think about carabiners, they typically think of the steel and aluminum accessories used in rope-intensive adventure sports like rock climbing, repelling, spelunking, and sailing. But carabiners –– specifically magnetic carabiner hooks –– can also be used more practically in a variety of businesses like restaurants, construction, and window washing. 

Carabiner Magnets in Restaurants

A restaurant, or more specifically, a restaurant’s kitchen is a place that requires organization and a system for storage that uses as little space as possible. There are usually several people working in the kitchen at once –– on a stovetop, doing dishes, prepping, etc., which means you have to get creative about how you store tools, utensils, and equipment.

Our 30 lb pull force carabiner hooks are a convenient and safe way to hang ladles, spoons, and spatulas, without taking up unnecessary space. It’s important to note –– you hang them vertically, such as against a metal wall or against a stovetop, their holding capacity is reduced by ⅔, which is still plenty to hold your kitchen tools. If you wanted to retain the full 30 lb capacity, hang them horizontally from metal shelving.

Construction/Window Washing

Sometimes, construction or window washing -–– especially in the city –– requires workers to haul themselves up the face of a building. To do so, they’ll typically use a hanging platform, and they’ll also be personally attached to a safety catch that generally involves a carabiner. While the one attached directly to you will likely be a typical, non-magnetic carabiner, you could use a magnetic carabiner hook to haul the platform and lower it back down safely. Because this would require a carabiner magnet with a stronger pull than what we mentioned above, you can visit our customization page to get a specific model that works for this. 

Apex Magnets

Carabiners can be used for more than outdoor adventures. They’re also excellent additions to any warehouse, household, or office to store tools and equipment, and even hang keys, coats, and clothing. Grab your own 10 sets for $14.54 each here! Contact us if you’re ordering more than 500.