Magnetic Tape

It may come as a surprise, but magnetic tape is exceedingly important to some items we use in our everyday lives.  Just think about it. Those cabinets in your kitchen where store your silverware, plates, cups, and all the rest? Magnetic tape is the perfect way to label them. The framed photos hanging in your house? The invisible magnetic tape keeps them sturdy and in place without the need for nails or damaged walls. That presentation board for your school project? Color magnetic tape and labels can help you get that A.

In a lot of ways, the possibilities are endless. But do you know the different kinds of magnetic tape? We’ll detail some below so you can find creative ways to use them yourself!

Magnetic Adhesive Tape

With magnetic adhesive tape, you can attach non-magnetic objects to anything. The tape is made of either neodymium or strontium ferrite that is equal parts invisible and flexible. The products typically come in a roll and can be easily separated with a knife or scissors.

Best Uses: Photo hanging, postcards, whiteboard displays, school projects, refrigerator hanging, cabinet labeling, minor appliance fixes     

Magnetic Sheets

Magnetic sheets have a strong adhesive force that makes the product ideal for any type of presentation or lecture that requires the use of a whiteboard or other flat surface. Like adhesive tape, magnetic sheets are made of either neodymium or strontium ferrite magnets, come in all different colors and can be cut into any shape or size. Attach them to any metal surface!

Best Uses: Arts/Crafts, labeling, hanging for presentations, room decoration, whiteboard presentations, early childhood education

Magnetic Labels/Tags

Want to organize the house? Magnetic labels are the perfect tool to use! Label cabinets, shelves, drawers, closets, storage bins, binders or whatever else suits your fancy. They come in several shapes in and sizes – such as arrows, circles, rectangles, triangles and more. You can even make your own with magnetic tape that can be continually adjusted.

Best Use: Paper organization, book-reading/studying, room decoration, filing, labeling, early childhood education

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