Say goodbye to sticky name tag residue on your shirt and awkwardly asking for a co-worker’s name when their name tag falls off and say hello to our DIY magnet name tags! To be honest, we’re surprised it’s taken us this long to share this tutorial.  For this project, it’s best to get the lowest pull force magnets—it doesn’t take much to hold together the name tag. It would be smart to have a few heavier pull force magnets on hand, however, in case someone wants to wear their name tag on a winter coat or a thick sweater.  What You’ll Need:
  • Piece of card stock or notecard — can be laminated if you want!
  • Pen/pencil
  • 2 5mm x 3 mm disc magnets per name tag (This set comes with 30 magnets!)
  1. Write your name on the card stock or notecard and let dry
  2. With one hand, place a magnet on the top of the notecard and hold*
  3. With your other hand, place the other magnet behind your shirt, sweater, etc. 
  4. Slowly move the back magnet until it attaches to the front
  5. Move the magnets at the same time to straighten the name tag 
*You could skip this step by taping one magnet to the back of the cardstock. This way, you only need to attach the front magnet to the card.  Be careful when putting the magnets together — they can pinch! Nothing will ruin your holiday party like pinching (and possibly breaking) a finger! The best part about this DIY is that you can let your creativity soar with various types of paper. Throwing a holiday party? Grab festive gift tags and repurpose them for name tags. Hosting a networking event? Use business cards in place of the name tags.  More DIYs with Apex Magnets We know—this was a pretty simple DIY. Isn’t it great when the best magnet crafts are the easiest? For more DIYs, check out the magnets for crafts section of our blog.