Looking for a new way to hang up your reusable shopping bags, small jackets, or dish towels? Try making some DIY Magnetic Branch Hangers that are both eco-friendly and creative! If you don’t mind if the branches stick out a bit, you can skip the saw and drill portions below and simply glue the magnet right onto the back of the branch. Just make sure that a portion of it is flush with the fridge. If you’re looking for that perfect aesthetic, follow the entire DIY here:

What You’ll Need: 

  • 2-3 Branches with a protruding fork (something for the item to hold onto!)
  • Hand saw
  • Small mounting countersunk magnets
  • Drill and screws
  • Spray paint (if wanted) 


  1. Use the saw to cut the branch to the desired height — we recommend between 5-8 inches tall. 
  2. Saw lengthwise along the side opposite of the forked branch so you’re left with a flat surface.
  3. We suggest carefully drilling the screw into the branch to prime it before using the magnet. After priming, place the countersink magnet on the back of the branch and drill the screw into the branch, but be careful not to drill all the way through! 
  4. Optional: Spray paint the branches.
  5. Hang your branch on the fridge! 

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