Do-it-yourself projects have become a common trend to make unique items for your home. Buying a typical game of darts is too simple. Instead, YouTuber Magnetic Games used the power of magnetism to load and shoot traditional darts -- and you can too! 

As you gather the equipment, be mindful of the items you purchase. Our magnets range in size so, based on the size of your board, you want to get magnets with an appropriate pull force. This will prevent the rings from getting scattered around. In addition, the cylinder needed must be slightly smaller than the ID ring -- a ¼’ cylinder won’t fit in a ¼” ID ring. Your best bet when following this tutorial is likely a 6mm cylinder.

What You’ll Need:


  1. Swap out your dartboard with a styrofoam board, which you can buy pre-made or DIY one with a block of styrofoam, a stencil of a dartboard, and a sharpie. 
  2. Stack as many ring magnets on the cylinder magnet until it’s almost, but not completely encompassing the cylinder, as you want some of it to be visible. 
  3. You can then push one side of the cylinder magnet through the rings, which will create a repulsive force between the magnets.
  4. To make the dart truly stick to your target, you will have to attach a small nail to the end of the cylinder, which you should only attach after you have loaded the cylinder into the set of ring magnets and you’ve practiced with just shooting the cylinder magnet. Since the nail is magnetic, it should just snap right onto the cylinder magnet –– no hammers or other tools needed. 
  5. After the nail is properly attached, take aim and push the magnet through to create a new way of playing darts!

Still confused? Watch this video to see it in action.

Now you have your own DIY magnetic dartboard! Even though darts is a game, it can be dangerous -- we do not recommend children play or build the game. In addition, magnet rings are fragile. When they are “snapped” together they can easily break. Be sure to take your time to avoid any potential hazards. 

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