While the family is staying at home and social distancing, entertain the kids with this DIY magnetic marble maze! While it’s simple in design, it’ll hold the attention of even the most excitable little ones. Sometimes, the easiest crafts are the best ones

What You’ll Need:

  • Construction paper cut into a rectangle any size works but the larger the better!
  • A permanent marker
  • 2 Marbles (make sure they are magnetic)
  • 1" x 1/16" Discs - Neodymium Magnet 
  • A plastic cup
  • Glue


  1. Take your piece of paper and draw a maze-like path from one end to the other using the permanent marker. Be as creative as you want with this part just make sure it’s wide enough for the marble to travel through it. You could also use printable children’s mazes if you’re not feeling that creative. 
  2. An optional step is to decorate the maze with colors and other craft materials! We recommend glitter, stickers, and colored pencils let the kids have fun with this part!
  3. After your maze is ready, glue your magnet onto the bottom of the plastic cup and let it sit to dry until it’s securely in place. You can really use any object for this, but we suggest something large, like a plastic cup, so that kids will have lots of space to grab without touching the magnet! 
  4. From here, you’re pretty much done! Just place the marble on top of the maze and slide the cup and magnet underneath the table to watch the marble glide through the maze. 

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This activity is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for kids, so grab some magnetic marbles and try out this fun DIY! The plastic cup magnet can be used on as many unique paths as you want for endless fun. For more DIYs, check out the magnets for crafts section of our blog!